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Modern + fresh interiors for fun, stylish, busy people

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If living through a pandemic has taught us anything, it's how valuable our homes are to our overall sense of wellbeing.

When home has become more of a frustration or source of angst than a refuge from the outside world, you know it's time to make some changes. But figuring out how to make these changes and move forward with your ideas is overwhelming and often elusive between the busyness of your career, social activities and family life.

This is where we shine. We'll guide you through your renovation, new build or decorating experience and keep it as stress free as possible, make the entire process lighthearted and fun while bringing our A game in creativity, originality and ingenuity. 

Our goal? To create a home you love.

It's time for change.


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Verdant Vibes:
A Kitchen Haven with Lush Green Hues

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This stunning, contemporary kitchen leaves us green with envy, boasting a luxurious green island, an emerald green sofa, and captivating original artworks. Not to mention its functionality, perfectly tailored for a busy young family of four.

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With over fifteen years experience in the design  industry, Creative Director Caireen Kennedy has fallen in love with transforming homes and improving people's way of living through her work.
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