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Our Top Five Places to Source Artwork

October 6, 2021

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Whether it’s a small original, a limited edition print, or a massive canvas, art that speaks to you creates a personal, layered and interesting home. We are sharing our five favourites places to source artwork that benefits the maker – no big box solutions here!


Become a regular visitor – either online or in person – at your local, or not so local, art galleries. Typically a gallery will have a broad range of style and price point, and feature emerging artists as well as established artists.

I follow a number of galleries across the country, and make a point of stopping in at galleries when visiting new towns and cities. This is a great way to establish which artists you are drawn to, the style/s you like and gain an understanding of how much original art costs.

Tip: A great way to discover new artists is to follow hashtags within Instagram, such as #abstractart, #contemporaryart or #canadianartists.


Increasingly online exhibitions are gaining in popularity, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Two of my favourite shows are the Square Foot Show by @squarefootshow and The Festival of Smalls by @artinteriors. Both shows feature a range of artists, styles and mediums so there is something for everyone, and the price point is affordable. All the artwork is original so you can be assured you have something unique for your home.

Art by Andrea Soos, via @artinteriors


There are a number of online vendors who sell limited edition prints and canvases from independent artists. This is the perfect solution to support an artist while having access to affordable art. My three favourite vendors in this category are Minted, Juniper Print Shop and Society 6.

These vendors offer several size options, so you can go for one large impactful piece, several smaller ones or create your own eclectic gallery wall. I particularly love to source large artwork through these vendors when I need that ‘wow’ moment for a wall, while not breaking the budget. Bear in mind that framing will be an additional cost.

Artwork via Minted
Art Prints via Juniper Print Shop
Art Prints and Canvas via Society 6


Heading to your favourite vintage or thrift store? Be sure to look at the art!

You can find some real gems in these stores, but you may need to use your imagination. Sometimes an ugly frame can detract from a beautiful piece, so be open to re-matting and framing to completely change how a piece looks.

Styling by Emily Henderson

Tip: Don’t have the budget for custom framing? Buy a frame from a big box store and have your local framer maker you a custom mat. Voila!


Often the best things to hang on the wall are actually in our homes already. In my own home I have a T-towel, my grandfather’s military epaulettes, and some sand dollars from a special family vacation framed. Over the years I have framed so many items for clients: children’s art, carved wooden masks, grain sacks, medals etc.

One of my clients is currently having her grandmother’s journal framed, open at the page of her birthday, detailing the events of the day. Rummage through those memorabilia boxes – it’s much better to show off the things you love on the walls than keep them buried in a dusty old box.

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