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Five ways to use a dresser in your home

July 16, 2020

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Dressers: the unsung hero of the home in my opinion.

A good dresser could be the most versatile piece of furniture you ever own. It is commonplace to see a dresser in a bedroom, but have you considered where else you might use it? Offering an abundance of storage in both 6 drawer and 3 drawer versions, these pieces are phenomenal workhorses all over the home.

Read on to learn more.

How to use a vintage dresser in your living room.jpg

1 FOR THE ENTRY – a dresser is perfect for stashing away mitts, toques, umbrellas and other ‘quick grabs’ that you need before running out of the house. (Wipes, masks, hand sanitizer etc.) It’s ideal if you can have a drawer per person, but failing that, drawer organizers can keep things separated and organized. Add a mirror and a lamp and you are all set for your comings and goings at any time of day.

2. IN THE DINING ROOM – Offering lots of counter space in addition to storage space, you can use the top as a bar or buffet station when you are entertaining, or use it to style vases of greenery, or a lovely mid-century lamp. To protect the top add a slab of quartz or marble. Plus you can store table linens, napkin rings, cutlery and even plates and dishes in the drawers.

3. IN THE LIVING ROOM – The top becomes a lovely spot to display your treasures and install favourite artwork above or even add a TV. The drawers stash a plethora of things such as home office supplies, craft supplies, extra linens, children’s projects, candles and so on. Use them as side tables too – perfect in a home that is short on storage. Or push a pair of three drawer dressers together to fill a long wall.

4. BEDROOM NIGHTSTANDS – As long as you have the width, a dresser as a bedside table is a great choice. If offers a nice large surface to place a few treasures, lamp and a glass of water without feeling cluttered. And of course the added bonus of nice large drawers for storage can’t be missed, whether it’s for your undies or your extensive magazine collection.

5. AS A BATHROOM VANITY – This is a great way to use a vintage dresser. Typically the plumbing takes up the space of the top drawer, but you still have the remaining drawers for storing toiletries and towels. With a six drawer dresser you have the option to go with dual sinks, or go to a single sink and gain a large expanse of counter space.


In my own home I have two matching vintage dressers – one three drawer and one six drawer – which I purchased for $30 about 15 years ago.

They have been everything from clothes storage in bedrooms, kids craft supply storage, kitchen storage/servery to side tables in the living room. Currently I have one in the entry and one as a living room side table that stores all my art supplies.

I truly can’t imagine our home or life without them!

How do you use your dresser/s or are you inspired to try them somewhere new? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for popping in.



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